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Northwest Arms has recently purchased the factory which built the Wilkinson Arms pre-ban “Linda” semi-auto carbine chambered in 9 mm Parabellum cartridge. The “Linda” carbine is an excellent looking firearm it has a nice black matte finish with a fixed tube stock and wood butt stock and forearm and a barrel shroud with 18, 5/8″ holes in the removable shroud. The firearm has an adjustable rear sight and blade front sight, which are both protected by heavy metal guards on each side and are removable. The receiver has a built in flat top rail for adding different optics like the C-more or lasers and a dust cover over the bolt similar to the AR-15 design and weighs in at 7 pounds empty.
A full blow back semi-auto design, firing from a closed breech. The pre-ban “Linda” receiver is manufactured from T-16 aluminum [which is a high-grade aircraft aluminum] and is machined to very tight tolerances. Fully machined rather than die-cast or stamped metal and are not subjected to the flaws that are inherent in some other firearms that are currently being manufactured today.
The trigger group is a reliably simple design with an excellent trigger pull, a nice balance for the firearm. The bolt assembly weighs [1 lb. 7 oz]. The front of the bolt extends well ahead of the breech and surrounding the rear of the barrel which prevents the barrel from free floating to provide better accuracy. The barrel is 16 3/16″ long with 6 rifle lands, the long barrel of the “Linda” carbine will gain approximately 55 seconds per inch of barrel the velocity is much higher the average .9 mm firearm. The barrel extends only 9 1/4″ past the receiver and the rest of the 16″ barrel is in the receiver encased inside the bolt for some outstanding accuracy. The barrel has been timed to the receiver by a pin in the receiver and a notch in the barrel for the exact placement of the barrel to receiver and held in place by a barrel nut tightened down by hand. Take down is real simple for cleaning, just unscrew the barrel nut and pull the barrel from the receiver.
The pre-ban “Linda” carbine comes with 3 magazines 1- 18 round and 2 -31 round. The mags are sweated together and have several spot welds down the backs. The magazines are a double stack design, upon inspection of the disassembled magazine; there is a nice machined aluminum follower with a special rounded allen head bolt used as a bearing guide to help prevent binding during operation. You can see that there was a lot of thought put into the design of this magazine for reliability. The “Linda” pre-ban carbine is an attractive looking firearm and an accurate shooter. I shot this firearm at a 25 yard target with the 18 round magazine and I cut a 1″ hole out of the target with standard off the shelf ammo. I also used Sanford’s automatic reset target for practice shooting and it was neat to hit each of the knock downs every time and they kept resetting until I ran out of ammo. The Sandford target article is located in the accessory category. The “Linda” has very little recoil and the recover time for target acquisition is excellent, a great gun for target shooting and any type of tactical shooting.
The accessories for the “Linda”carbine has many parts for the Wilkinson pre-ban carbine and includes kits that convert the “Linda” carbine to a pistol and pistol to a carbine, chrome molly bolts and barrels and sighting systems. A standard one-year warranty is included with each firearm.
By Ken Menge
Contact information : Northwest Arms 26884 Pearl RD Parma, ID 83660
Website: www.northwest-arms.com (out)
Phone: 208-722-6771 / Fax: 208-722-1062


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