The Bren Ten Status

On March 9, 2011, in General, by admin

The management and production team of Vltor Weapon Systems announced today, that in spite of ongoing discussions in the matter, the new Vltor Bren Ten pistol will not be marked with the Gunsite Raven Logo. Eric Kincel, the General Manager for Vltor, said that they were able to obtain the rights to the original “Bren Ten” name, as well as the original “X” logo, but could not reach an agreement for the use of the Gunsite Raven logo. Production of the Vltor Bren Ten pistol marks the resurgence of the renowned firearm design of the late Colonel Jeff Cooper. Originally launched in the early 1980s, the Bren Ten pistol has never gone into full scale production, yet it has created a large and lasting demand in the firearms industry. The Vltor Bren Ten is manufactured by Vltor Weapon Systems of Tucson, AZ and distributed exclusively by Sporting Products, LLC of Florida.


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