The Cobra Bumpfire Semi-Automatic Stock

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Cobra Bump fire Stock

Corbra Bumpfire Stock

Bumpfiring uses recoil of the rifle to fire rapidly. The firer holds the foregrip with the non trigger hand. The trigger finger thus remains stationary in front of the trigger.after the first round is fired and after recoil while the firearm is returning to its normal position, it resets and presses against the finger to fire successive shots. With these speedy bursts from semi-automatic firearms the firer gets an phantasm of firing an automatic gun though is not actually converted into an automated.

The Cobra bumpfire stock is styleed for usage on stamped receiver AKs and installs on all AK47/AK74 with or stock standard trunion (no folders). It works equally well on coveted Saiga rifles with moved forward trigger and installed pistol grip but not the basic ones. The material used is aircraft aluminum which also gives a clean looks and feel.

Each Cobra bumpfire stock comes with an Interface obstruct, Cobra bumpfire Rifle Stock, Nut Retainer, Hex Key, Mounting equipment, Installation / Operating guidelines. By eradicating the original pistol grip and substitute of factory fitted stock – the Cobra bump fire conveniently powerpoint slides into the Interface obstruct.

There is no requirement of a gunsmith to fix the Cobra bumpfire stock as no modification of the weapon is required and the only other assembly itemthat is needed is an AR-15 buffer tube. Installation instructions.
usually inexperienced shooters can quickly unfastened handle while bump firing if they don’t know what they are undertaking but this radical layout of Cobra bumpfire stock assures that the shooter can hold and aim the firearm correctly specially for the duration of hip firing without compromising own safety or that of individuals nearby. Since the shooter is required to be corrected for each shot, thus stopping upward muzzle push due to recoil.

So for avid gun enthusiast, who have always dreamt of possessing an automated but do not own one, the wait can be considered as over with the invent of the Cobra bump fire stock by PIEM.

In addition to the AR-15 platform the Cobra is made for the Mini-14 family as well. The use of TAPCO stocks are required on the Mini-14 family.

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