The SSAR15 bumpfire stock, from SlideFire Solutions, works with AR15s in pistol calibers too. Pictured here is one of our 9mm AR15s equipped with the SSAR15 bumpfire stock in addition to a few other accessories.

9mm bumpfire ar15

The rifle pictured here is has an Armalite lower receiver with DPMS parts kit, a Rock River 9MM A3 Flattop upper, with a 16″ 1:9 Twist HBAR Chrome Moly Nitride Barrel. Installed on the rifle are the SSAR15 Bumfire Stock, a bipod and a NcSTAR 1.25-4X32 Mark III Tactical Scope.

To purchase this rifle or another in a similar configuration, visit our store.

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This item is from our new colors line. This is a new DPMS lower, parts kit and 6 position stock. The upper is a 16″ with severals extras. This rifle has a removeable carry handle. In our first colors line this one is FOLIAGE. The stock is a 4 position T6 PINK. Also is a FOLAGE hand grip with a sealed compartment for storage. The forend is also FOLAGE with a top rail is also has a removeable bottom plate which reveals a bottom rail, last are the side rails which have cover than reveal a half rail on each side for what ever accessories you may wish to add.