Kel-Tec KSG 12 GA. Shotgun

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The Kel-Tec KSG was unveiled this weekend on the cover of Shooting Industry magazine. Photo by Oleg Volk.

Kel-Tec’s newest revolutionary bull-pup design was announced over the weekend on the cover of the NSSF’s Shooting Industry magazine. Details of the new shotgun are sketchy, but presumably all will be made known at the upcoming NSSF SHOT Show.

The shotgun bears a stunning resemblance to the South African designed Neostead pump action scattergun. The operator is able to move a switch located behind the grip next to the ejection port to select the right or left tube, or move the switch to the center to eject a shell without chambering another round. The bull-pup design results in an overall length of only 26″ with an 18.5″ barrel while the bottom eject design makes the firearm truly ambidextrous.

Shown next to the box of slugs in the photo to the left, you truly begin to get a sense of scale. The bull-pup design of the KSG makes it ideal for home defense and CQB. The incredibly short overall length makes it more nimble than a sawed off shotgun, and with a 14+1 capacity you don’t sacrifice ammunition capacity to get a shotty in a small package.

Ammunition capacity is 14+1 with 2 3/4″ shells. The KSG is shown with a factory installed Picatinny rail with flip up sights and a pistol grip. MSRP is in the 800.00  range ansd is expected in the fall according to Kel-Tec .

Update: We spotted the KSG at the Kel-Tec booth at SHOT Show this year. There were a few different models on display, including this version in OD Green. The action was slick, but the trigger reset appeared to need some work. Kel-Tec assured us that this was only one of a few prototypes and that the actual production models would be fully functional.

MSRP is expected to be less than $800.


How to Buy A Gun Online

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The process to buy a gun online is rather simple. Once you find the firearm you are looking for, you find a local gun dealer. You ask the dealer to receive the firearm for you. Give him the contact information you have for the dealer that has the gun you want. The local will email, fax or send a copy of his Federal Firearms License to the dealer who has the gun you want. You then pay the dealer that has the gun you want. Upon receiving the FFL from you local dealer he will ship the firearm to your local dealer. The local will deliver it to you in compliance with local laws.

A word of caution, before you commit to buy any firearm make sure that you can legally have this firearm in your state